Saturday, 20 April 2013

Moving on

Well Tiggi is now spayed and all three have had their 1st Vaccinations so they are going to the adoption centre tomorrow, I hope it is not too long before they find a forever home.

I will miss them!!

The Cat Cabin won't be empty for long, I have been told my next fosters are a Mum and five kittens, well that should be fun!!

Small Video

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Tiggi and her two remaining kittens are doing fine, the kittens are still a little skittish as were when I first got them, but they are coping better at being held, but not for long.

Tiggi is ready to be neutered now she is getting very vocal and trying to get out. Kittens will be 11 weeks this friday, and are fully weaned.
They will all soon be ready for re homing, and I am sure they will be snapped up as they are very pretty cats.