Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sprocket, Rock and fraggle are now at the Derby Adoption Centre.
I have new fosters, four cute little kittens, I will upload a photo soon.

I am not sure if you are aware, but Cats Protection are doing redundancies, within CP, and in the Adoption centres, which my sister works in one.

I have to say as a volunteer that to lose staff in such a vital role is so daft and stupid really gets me angry, they expect volunteers to fill the roles, I have to say as a volunteer that has worked along side the paid staff it is not going to work you cannot have volunteers doing the exact same roles as paid workers. it is a disaster waiting to happen. Costs should be cut from admin not from those doing the most important work.
What if a volunteer decides they can't be bothered to go in that means the paid staff are overworked!
Also when they had the Derby AGM they already knew about these redundancies but still wasted all that cash on having such an elaborate venue which I know isn't cheap!
Okay rant over for now!

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