Friday, 24 August 2012

Sorry it has been so long since my last update, I have still have the three little kittens, who I have named Sprocket, Fraggle and Rock. They are growing nicely, still a little hissy, but we are getting there.

I have been busy, with the kids being off school(Summer Holidays) and managing to continue to do my volunteer roles.
This week I have taken up Alicia to the Adoption centre, her four Kittens are still at one of the fosterer's they are 16 weeks old, need to get them neutered then taken up to the A/C. I will be splitting them up though taking the boys, and then the girls who are still wary.
I have also taken a Ginger and White cat who was found to have a Microchip but the owner were untraceable, after the cat had been at the Vets for a few weeks after trying to find the owners, the cat is now also at the A/C.
And a Queen and her five kittens, two were kept by the people who found her the father is Russian Blue, and they have kept the two that are like him. So there were seven kittens altogether, one had to have an eye removed, poor thing they are all so cute though.

Rosie is now up at the A/C, all her kittens have been re homed.
Morris is still waiting for a new Home.

Thank you to I have three cats for the Sunshine Award. I will try and answerthe questions and post soon.

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