Thursday, 19 July 2012

Update. 19/7/12

 Angus, Daisy(Bunty) and Dandy
 All the kittens are now at the adoption centre, I took them last friday(13th) and I have been told they are okay. But unfortunately Rosie did not react kindly to the kittens not being there, she made lots of loud noises in the night on friday, so on Saturday I had to move her to another foster place, which is in the middle of nowhere with not very many close neighbours, she is doing okay she has been spayed and after her 1st vaccination will be also going up to the Adoption centre.
You may of noticed I put bunty in brackets, that is because there is already a Daisy so we had to re name her.

Morris is still at the adoption centre, the staff are trying to get in touch with the people who wanted him, but have just sent a letter as they are not answering their phone.
Meet Alicia
She is the cat waiting for the Felv test results.
She is such a sweet cat, I just had to name her.
I am still waiting for the results to come back
Tests results are back and they are negative

Here is the Blk/Wht Kitten
and the 3 Blk kittens below

They are very nervous, they have had no contact with people except me and the vets,
 so are still very hissy! But the two boys are coming round, if the test results are okay then I hope to separate them to give the boys a chance to come on without copying their sisters hissy fits.
I have now got the two girls in a dog crate and hope to work on them

Please send good thoughts that the results are okay.
Results are Negative

Thank you


  1. yeah for negative test results!!! we know those hissy kids will come around in no time. :)

  2. Thank goodness everyone is negative!!! Such beautiful kittens :-)