Monday, 18 June 2012

Kitten season

Since this is my first year doing active work with Cats Protection, I had no real idea of the problem when it come to un-neutered cats and Kittens.
Well I have had just a small insight into the waiting list and how many kittens are waiting to come into CP Care, lots are just dumped at vets or at the Adoption centre, and that is just our area!
Of course there are lots of fabulous people who are feeding and caring for the Mums and kittens in their gardens or homes  until we have a space for them, . They make our jobs that little bit easier.

Surely if you want a Cat you want to look after it and be a responsible pet owner, get your Cat Neutered, Microchipped and Vaccinated!!

Rosie's mouth is a lot better , and all the kittens are growing. Angus is now 1kg, the others are not far behind.





Rosie is very friendly, if I bend down to pick something up she jumps on my back and starts nuzzling my neck. Which is cute but when I am trying to clean up is not very helpful.


  1. You said it - unfortunately, those that need to understand the message the most are those that aren't going to listen no matter what.

  2. cute foster kitties!! Those kittens are adorable.

    Running into people who refuse to spay and neuter their pets drives me crazy. Seems like common sense, a no brainer! Maybe that's it, the people don't have brains!