Saturday, 9 June 2012

June is National Microchipping Month!!

I will alway remember the day that I found a dead cat in front of my front window, My husband had already left for work and I was taking my youngest to school when I saw a fluffy Black and White cat lying on the floor, I know that it seems daft now but I wasn't sure that it was dead.
Yes it was, So sad! I am assuming it had got hit by a car and managed to get as far as my garden, Yes I do live on a busy road, I am lucky that my cats are afraid of the main road, and if they ever manage to get around the front they do not venture down the driveway.
But anyway I rang my local Vets to ask them if they would take it in just in case it had a microchip and they could trace the poor cats owners.

Unfortunately it did not have a microchip, so I will never know what that Cat's name was, or if the owner ever found out what happened to their cat.
So sad it still upsets me!

I know when one of my cat's are missing over night I worry what, where etc, and I cannot rest until they are back safe and sound. And I hope if ever should something happen to my Cat, and that they are taken into a vets, I would know what happened.
I think it is sad when I hear that Cats go missing and the owners never find them. And considering how many end up as strays in the Adoption centre and are never claimed well surely they started somewhere.
My own three are all from the Adoption centre, Bella and Tango were 6 month and 5 months old strays, both friendly so they were not ferals, Lily was six weeks old when found I think she may of been feral as she is still a madam!

But I digress, the moral of today's post is Get your Pet Microchipped!!

If your pet is microchipped then make sure you keep the details up to date especially if you move house!


  1. very true - and make sure to REGISTER the chip. I can't tell you the number of times an animal comes in with a chip...but no information. sigh... It is a feeling of relief to know that if something happens, mine are chipped and I have a much better chance of getting them back home.

    1. Yes Very true about the registering as well.

  2. My wee cat dissappeared this time last year,was gone 6 weeks , two lovely ladies in west lothian (petsearch) eventually contacted us to return her (ever greatful)
    they said when they scan a stray if it bleeps they cheer with delight at the chance to re-unite pet and keeper.
    I know chipping works ! my cat was terribly underweight and as far as i am concerned they saved her life. She is fine now but never wanders to far from our side.