Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Chadd Big One!

Yes that is what the local carnival is called, The Big One!

We had a stall there as we have had for numerous years.
Here are two volunteers with Lorraine, before it got busy.
We were next to the Parrot Tent, Parrot Aid which always has lots of visitors.
We had visits from lots of dogs, and a Cat today, a gorgeous 12 week old Ragdoll, which was in it's owners Pet backpack. So I had a lovely cuddle!

This is part of a mural that was being painted today, On the side of the Cricket Pavilion.
 I forgot to take a pic of it finished.
I was expecting rain, as I went over in wellies, had to get my daughter to bring over my shoes, and I got sunburnt ouch!

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