Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bye Bye Sweet things

Rosie and her brood are at another fosterers, they are only a couple of weeks from going to the centre, they will have lots of fun as it is a bigger pen than mine with ramps to climb.

I needed to jiggle the fosters around so I could take in a Mum and her 4 Kittens, She was snap tested and had a positive for FelV, so whilst we wait for further test results, I have them with me just in case it is positive. Also these are part of some field work I have been dealing with, and I was so relieved to finally catch them all, and get them safe, as they were living in someones garden.
I feel it important to post about this as being a fosterer is not all cute kittens and happy endings, if only this cat was neutered.....

But I want to end on a positive.

Morris has been reserved,Yay! I haven't much details, but someone wanted a black cat, and they were shown Morris, and he did me proud by being the lovely cat he is!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Kitten season

Since this is my first year doing active work with Cats Protection, I had no real idea of the problem when it come to un-neutered cats and Kittens.
Well I have had just a small insight into the waiting list and how many kittens are waiting to come into CP Care, lots are just dumped at vets or at the Adoption centre, and that is just our area!
Of course there are lots of fabulous people who are feeding and caring for the Mums and kittens in their gardens or homes  until we have a space for them, . They make our jobs that little bit easier.

Surely if you want a Cat you want to look after it and be a responsible pet owner, get your Cat Neutered, Microchipped and Vaccinated!!

Rosie's mouth is a lot better , and all the kittens are growing. Angus is now 1kg, the others are not far behind.





Rosie is very friendly, if I bend down to pick something up she jumps on my back and starts nuzzling my neck. Which is cute but when I am trying to clean up is not very helpful.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Busy, Busy.

I am busy at the moment, lots of Cats here ,there and everywhere trying to find places for them and trying to make spaces for them.

I never really knew what hard work the volunteers at the branch did, it isn't like volunteering for the adoption centre at all, it is so much more hard work. Not that I am saying they don't work hard as they do, they do a fabulous job. 
I think because the branch do mainly the welfare work of fetching strays,cruelty cases and suchlike and you are reliant on the public for help and you can be rest assured there are those that make the work so much harder than it needs to be.
I have done my first bit of field work today, and I cannot say much about it except really use common sense, if you know someone is coming to collect a cat do not feed it, then let it out!! Okay Rant over.!

Rosie had a steriod injection last week, and her mouth is so much better, but now she is not eating! So I will have to take her to the vet if it continues. Kittens are all fine growing big now and up to lots of mischief!! Will post pic soon!
But you can see them on my keek HERE

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Chadd Big One!

Yes that is what the local carnival is called, The Big One!

We had a stall there as we have had for numerous years.
Here are two volunteers with Lorraine, before it got busy.
We were next to the Parrot Tent, Parrot Aid which always has lots of visitors.
We had visits from lots of dogs, and a Cat today, a gorgeous 12 week old Ragdoll, which was in it's owners Pet backpack. So I had a lovely cuddle!

This is part of a mural that was being painted today, On the side of the Cricket Pavilion.
 I forgot to take a pic of it finished.
I was expecting rain, as I went over in wellies, had to get my daughter to bring over my shoes, and I got sunburnt ouch!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

June is National Microchipping Month!!

I will alway remember the day that I found a dead cat in front of my front window, My husband had already left for work and I was taking my youngest to school when I saw a fluffy Black and White cat lying on the floor, I know that it seems daft now but I wasn't sure that it was dead.
Yes it was, So sad! I am assuming it had got hit by a car and managed to get as far as my garden, Yes I do live on a busy road, I am lucky that my cats are afraid of the main road, and if they ever manage to get around the front they do not venture down the driveway.
But anyway I rang my local Vets to ask them if they would take it in just in case it had a microchip and they could trace the poor cats owners.

Unfortunately it did not have a microchip, so I will never know what that Cat's name was, or if the owner ever found out what happened to their cat.
So sad it still upsets me!

I know when one of my cat's are missing over night I worry what, where etc, and I cannot rest until they are back safe and sound. And I hope if ever should something happen to my Cat, and that they are taken into a vets, I would know what happened.
I think it is sad when I hear that Cats go missing and the owners never find them. And considering how many end up as strays in the Adoption centre and are never claimed well surely they started somewhere.
My own three are all from the Adoption centre, Bella and Tango were 6 month and 5 months old strays, both friendly so they were not ferals, Lily was six weeks old when found I think she may of been feral as she is still a madam!

But I digress, the moral of today's post is Get your Pet Microchipped!!

If your pet is microchipped then make sure you keep the details up to date especially if you move house!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Purrfect Jubilee Celebration

Today I have been up to the Derby Adoption Centre for their Purrfect Jubilee Celebrations, with my Daughter.
There was lots of things for the kids to do. Raffle, Tombola, Welly wanging, Croquet, Hula hoop, Hops Scotch etc, lots of fabulous cakes baked by the W.I.

Here are some staff with their Jubilee Hat parade!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

I hope everyone celebrating the Diamond Jubilee are staying dry, I hear Scotland had sunshine!
I must admit I did fall asleep whilst watching the Thames Pageant!

We have given our cats their monthly flea treatment today, and I must share what Tango looks like when I approach.

He struggles so much when he is being held and someone esle approaches, we got him when he was six months old, so we don't know his history before then as he was found as a stray. But he is a friendly cat normally.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Ha ha Funny!!

Bella, Tango, Lily!

I saw this Cartoonize your pet when I stopped by at Cat's Cats, you can cartoon your pets, so I just had to !!
They even have a facebook page!