Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Purina ONE

I have been feeding my three cats the Purina ONE, and I must say I am actually amazed that they took to it,  Lily's fur is  glossy and soft anyway, She is more of a dry food eater though and will see more benefit if any.
I must admit I did not think that it would make any difference.
Especially on Bella who is out most of the time she comes in to sleep and eat. Her Coat has a shiny look to it, but she doesn't eat dry food as much, she prefers her wet food.
It is still early days, but it won't be a three week challenge as I have three cats and there is no way two bags will last three weeks. I started to feed them this on the 10th May and it has only been five days so plenty of time to be able to do a proper review at a later date.

Although what do I really need to say in a review, I cannot say it tastes nice as there is no way I am tasting them LOL,
Yes, the cats are eating them.

They also eat Felix Cat food, but we do have to change it once in a while as they do go off it.

So would I recommend Purina ONE, Yes as my cats are eating it!

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  1. I used to feed my cats Purina ONE but I feed them grain free now because I have a diabetic kitty...