Thursday, 24 May 2012

Crazy Heat

With the little heatwave we are having in the UK at the moment, I am finding it hard to keep my foster cats cool. The cabin is not the best for keeping cool,the temp was 30.5 c inside on tuesday, it is just a glorified shed, so it is not very well ventilated. So I have been using blankets and the garden parasol to shade the front of the cabin. I am re thinking the roof to the cat porch, clear plastic is going to make it worse.

I do have a thermometer in the cabin to let me know how hot it is in there, I have taken out one of my quietest fans to circulate the air in there for them.
If I am to have another pen, I would like one that has more mesh on the front and the side!

At four O'clock this morning Rosie was feeding the kittens in the main exercise area, must of been cooler there. I was up as two of my own cats have been staying out late, and not coming in, and I hate that they are not safe indoors when I am sleeping.

Do you have any ways to keep your cats cool? Please share

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