Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Rosie and the kittens came back Monday, Rosie is slightly better her mouth is still poorly, I am just going to keep an eye on her and see how we go.
I can't believe how big they have got over two days away!
They are certainly fun little bundles at the moment. In to everything, every time I open the door they are there at my feet, either climbing on them or trying to bite my toes!

See the kittens now HERE ON KEEK

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mad Moggy Run

This is the second year that the Moggy bike run has taken place, and it was a glorious day for it.
Lots of riders/bikes came and paid £5 to take part, lots of them brought food for the cats which is fantastic.
The bikers were all lovely!
There was free drinks for all bikers taking part, Burgers/Hot dogs for sale, as well as a silent auction and Raffle( I won two prizes he he a meal for two and a felix blanket, luckily I could choose what I wanted from the table as most of it was bike related lol, I have never rode a motor bike!)

Staff enjoying a well derserved break in the shade

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Poorly Rosie

I have taken Rosie and her kittens to the vets today, where they will stay until Monday, she is in pain at the moment, as she is lashing out, not doing any damage as such, but she will be better off as the Vets is nice and cool and I am struggling to keep the cabin cool, it is like a sauna in there.

So I am going to take the oppotunity to give the cabin a good clean out, it is hard to clean properly when the kittens are under foot!
I will keep you posting on how she is.

Purina One

Well all the food has gone and it is not quite three weeks,they liked it as they ate it all. Lily did look like she wanted more when I got tha packet out the cupboard. Would it make me buy it all the more... only if it is on offer, I must admit and be honest doing this trial has not changed my mind that it is the one and only dry food out there. As long as my cats eat something I will buy it, and it is not too expensive of course.

As you can see my cats have lovely shiny soft coats anyway, here is Miss Bella snoozing!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Well today I am fetching 4 cats from the vets and taking them up to Derby Adoption Centre, I have to take extra carriers, as I have only three belonging to CATS, I will take one of my own as well.

There are also four nine!! cats waiting to be taken to the vets, when they have been caught of course. and then after that they will be taken to one of the fosterers at the weekend hopefully, then we are full up again.

I am seriously thinking about having another pen, as we have a total of six pens between four of us. We need more fosterers also!

People really you need to get your Cat Spayed/Neutered,  it would help tremendously with the situation that we have all over the world not just the UK, with helping these cats.
Please be responsible Pet owners!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Crazy Heat

With the little heatwave we are having in the UK at the moment, I am finding it hard to keep my foster cats cool. The cabin is not the best for keeping cool,the temp was 30.5 c inside on tuesday, it is just a glorified shed, so it is not very well ventilated. So I have been using blankets and the garden parasol to shade the front of the cabin. I am re thinking the roof to the cat porch, clear plastic is going to make it worse.

I do have a thermometer in the cabin to let me know how hot it is in there, I have taken out one of my quietest fans to circulate the air in there for them.
If I am to have another pen, I would like one that has more mesh on the front and the side!

At four O'clock this morning Rosie was feeding the kittens in the main exercise area, must of been cooler there. I was up as two of my own cats have been staying out late, and not coming in, and I hate that they are not safe indoors when I am sleeping.

Do you have any ways to keep your cats cool? Please share

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I am now Fosterer coordinator( voluntary) for Derby & District Branch, I also get the van... cool!! just means I will be doing more vet runs,deliveries etc.
I had my first day (sort of) I now will be doing the admin as well. So I may post even less, but I will try and come by post updates.

I am looking forward to this role, and all it entails.

Just some info for anyone nearby

Mad Moggy Run
Cats Protection Purrfect Jubilee Celebration

4 weeks old





Rosie's mouth is still lumpy, hoping the synulox will kick in and help!

Cute one of Dandy using Burdock as a cushion

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Purina ONE

I have been feeding my three cats the Purina ONE, and I must say I am actually amazed that they took to it,  Lily's fur is  glossy and soft anyway, She is more of a dry food eater though and will see more benefit if any.
I must admit I did not think that it would make any difference.
Especially on Bella who is out most of the time she comes in to sleep and eat. Her Coat has a shiny look to it, but she doesn't eat dry food as much, she prefers her wet food.
It is still early days, but it won't be a three week challenge as I have three cats and there is no way two bags will last three weeks. I started to feed them this on the 10th May and it has only been five days so plenty of time to be able to do a proper review at a later date.

Although what do I really need to say in a review, I cannot say it tastes nice as there is no way I am tasting them LOL,
Yes, the cats are eating them.

They also eat Felix Cat food, but we do have to change it once in a while as they do go off it.

So would I recommend Purina ONE, Yes as my cats are eating it!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

18 days old

and now learning to play fight!

So cute

Lucy holding daisy

Rosie came and sorted them out!

Had to share this pic of Tango!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012


When I joined up for this 3 week challenge, I hadn't got a Queen and her kits, so I cannot try these out on them.

So guess what my kitties will be eating for the next three weeks.

I have two sample bags to giveaway, and some vouchers.(UK Only)
Email me if you would like a chance to win a sample.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Training in Lichfield

For Cat Care Modules ~
Pregnancy, Neonatal and Hand rearing.
Infectious Diseases, disease control and health checking.
These will be what I will be learning about whilst away on my course. I am looking forward to them and I hope to learn a lot especially from the first as it is relevant to the current fosters.
And also to meet other fosterers with Cats Protection.


Sunday, 6 May 2012


Oh three have now opened their eyes now making them even cuter!

I had to house them in my bedroom yesterday and today in a large dog crate, as my Brother in law was making me a porch for the cabin, it is half built, it was a bit too noisy.
Just need the roof and the door now, and it has only cost £28 so far, as I am using wood I have already, and BIL is getting some plastic sheeting off his Dad for the roof. I will need to buy more paint but that won't be much.

 Thank for stopping by, I will try and get photos of the kittens with their eyes open.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Peek a boo

Oh the largest black kitty opened his eyes a little bit today, oh how cute!

Had to take Rosie and her kits to the vets as Mom had swollen lips, I had noticed the other day and I was keeping an eye on it, but the upper lip was swollen so vet run today, I am amazed how chilled out she has been in the car, just laying there whilst the kits suckle. She is a great mom!
Anyway she has Eosinophilic complex, which is normally treated with steriods, but she is a nursing cat. so it is a wait and watch as this can just go on it's own, I am told by the Vet. She hasn't stopped eating so I am not that worried.

I think with these being my first Mum and kittens, I am extra cautious, I suppose with experience and time I will know more things and not get so worked up.

See the kitty's here>!URUcaab

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

White socks

Oh no I am trying make friends and that human has seen me better run!

I will hide here, oh no she spotted me

She can't see me now

What, what I was just resting my eyes!

Please tell those in the penthouse to keep it down, I have babies asleep down here!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I have been told that little Bunty has a name and her name is Rosie, I must admit Rosie does suit her better than Bunty. LOL I have been calling hers Buns! So Rosie and her babes!