Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bye Bye Morris, Hello Rosie and babes.

Morris is heading upto the adoption centre today, soon to be put on re homing.
Sorry for the poor quality they were taken on my Ipod.

Having a last cuddle

Why have you got this out again for?

No I am quite happy here

Bye Morris I hope you get a new home as quickly as Billy did!

Say hello to Rosie

and her 5 day old babes.
Not a very good pics but didn't want to  disturb them!

She is a very young cat, who was handed in as a stray, only she went in to labour at the vets!
They are so cute. I haven't named them yet, they are all different so hopefully it won't be hard to recognise them as they grow.

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  1. good luck Morris - we gots our paws crossed for a quick adoption.

    and purrs to Bunty and her babes...