Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rosie and her Babes

Born 24/4/12

Bye Bye Morris, Hello Rosie and babes.

Morris is heading upto the adoption centre today, soon to be put on re homing.
Sorry for the poor quality they were taken on my Ipod.

Having a last cuddle

Why have you got this out again for?

No I am quite happy here

Bye Morris I hope you get a new home as quickly as Billy did!

Say hello to Rosie

and her 5 day old babes.
Not a very good pics but didn't want to  disturb them!

She is a very young cat, who was handed in as a stray, only she went in to labour at the vets!
They are so cute. I haven't named them yet, they are all different so hopefully it won't be hard to recognise them as they grow.


Just wanted to tell you about these yummy treats, available from Meowing Heads
I sent an email to try these samples on my cats,and they arrived pretty quick!
Sorry I forgot to take photos, but believe me my Cats loved these.
I can honestly say that they are first rate.
I also gave a packet to Morris and theywere soon gone so 4/4 cats love these.
Meowingheads/Barkingheads also have dog grub as well!

I have not been asked to review this product I just had to tell you all as love it when I find a product as good as this, Made in Britain too

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Busy busy!

Lots happening at the moment, Morris is nearly ready to go up to the Adoption centre for re homing, he just needs his 1st Vaccination, and then he is all set.
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Billy went home with his new family Saturday 21st April. I wish him all the cuddles and scritches!!

I am taking a more active role hopefully within the Derby and District Branch by helping with the Fostering Admin, I am still fostering, but I feel I want to help more if I can. I want to help all I can but I have to be realistic that I cannot take on loads ....yet ! LOL
Had a meeting with my boss and hopely the transition will go smoothly so she can concentrate more on her family. Just have to wait for the okay from the commitee, I am a very impatient person so this will be hell for me!!

I have another VID(Volunteer Information Day) day coming up

Thursday, 19 April 2012

What's this!!

Some boxes to inspect and sniff

 No that looks boring we'd rather play pounce around the boxes
After some  gnashing of teeth, all the cats leave me alone.

Taa daa

Lily inspecting the mousie that dangles

These are the poor instructions for the monstrosity!

And Morris gets the old one which has been cleaned and washed down.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I have been told that Billy was put on the re-homing section and was reserved.
I am so pleased that he was reserved so quickly, I was worried that he would be there a while.
I am so glad I qwent to see him last weekend.

Morris is doing a lot better,no more diaorrhea, although I am on the look out for a cheap scratch post as he is shredding the wooden wall posts. When he goes to the adoption centre I will have to sand down the wood.

Saturday I attended my first Training day with the Cats Protection, It was on Fundraising.
There were four workshops during the time we were there
  1. Legacies
  2. Who you know/Recruitment
  3. Are there any new fundraising ideas?
  4. How to run a successful event.
Did you know that over 100,000 Cats and Kittens we help are helped thanks to gifts in Wills?
I didn't! But what a great to continue to help after you are gone?

Also there is such a thing as Cat Guardianship, so if you die Cats Protection will collect your Cat/s and re-home them. But it all has to be written in a will of course, what a great way to know that your cats won't be homeless when you pass away.

And that just one conversation you have about the work that Cats Protection do, can lead to others helping or supporting your local Branch.
Well lots of Fundraising ideas were banded about, alot from the Adoption Centre as they do have a great fundraising team. But great ideas from other branches too. It is great to meet other volunteers from other areas.
It makes me wanna do something daft for money!!! :0D

I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next one.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cats who visit

Sylvester, not seen him in a while.

No not Tango!


This Grey sauters in the garden and makes himself at home, he is un-neutered.
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There are a couple more than I haven't been able to get pics of yet.

Not a cat but a visitor!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's been a while

Morris is settling in, we had a few trips to the vets, due to an upset stomach and showings of blood still waiting on the results of the tests. He still has his limp, not able to sort that until his stomach is better as he reacted to medicine.
But he is a lovely friendly chap, and he is putting on weight!

Today has been the Easter Open Day fundraiser for the Derby Adoption Centre, and I was up there at 7:45am with my sister, so lots to get done. I had intended to take lots of photos but was too busy in the end, sorry!
I also got to have some cuddles from Billy, I actually cried when he came to me as he had been hiding from the staff. I spent some quality time with him. I have been told he will be moved to re homing section soon as he was having trouble after his dental!
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I was walking around with a Basket of Eggs,which you opened and had a slip of paper that some had the prizes on and some not! Also you can see my basket of prizes.

 Just this basket raised £63, and I know we raised loads more on the Tombola, Raffles, Cakes, food, Books and Bric a brac and other stalls.
This is actually one of the two photos I took, the other has myself and my sister in it ( Me with my face painted like a bunny as I had on the ears and tail.) But I promised my sister I would not put her photo on here!