Sunday, 4 March 2012

Other jobs

As well as being a Fosterer for Derby and District Branch of Cats P, I help fundraise for Derby Adoption Centre, It is where I got all three of my cats from there and also my sister works there, plus I know most of the staff and volunteers.
Currently with the help of one other Volunteer I am selling items on their Ebay account that are too nice to leave in the Barn.
The Link to it is HERE.

The Barn is what it says, It is a Barn that houses all the Bric a Brac and Books for sale also the small shop that is only open weekends 11am to 3pm. And because it is an open barn it is open to the elements so over time things do get dirty, The books are covered with plastic sheets. But birds and mice do get in as well. I know it sounds bad but it really is a great place Honestly, The resident cat Tabby sleeps in the barn in a heated covered bed.


I also attend fundraising events but I will share that another time.

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