Sunday, 11 March 2012

I have still been having troubles with getting Billy to poo in the litter tray, I have changed to grit and today, I am trying grass in the tray to see if that helps. I am reluctant to keep changing things as I am worried it will stress him too much.
Especially as I have changed items in the Cat cabin. I did put some six foot wooden shelves in last month as he likes to sit high up, but as he was sleeping there rather than in the sleeping area which is where the heaters are, I have cut them down to make them shorter and added another set of shelves so he can exit the sleeping area via the small window, also he can pop his head out quickly if he wants.

I had hoped that he would be going to the adoption centre for re homing soon, but he has developed a sore where the abscess was, so he is on fuciderm creme which is hopefully working.

Whilst at the vets, she noticed that one of his canines is looking bad so he is booked in for a removal tomorrow, so he is nil by mouth poor chap!

I have to admit I am getting quite attached to him so when he does go, I know I am going to be upset. I know I cannot keep him, it would not be fair as I already have three cats and to be honest my hubby would not be happy. The reason I am fostering is because I cannot have anymore. It is not financially viable for us to have anymore.

I have to share this, when Billy falls asleep he dreams with his eyes open, I can see his eyes flicker all over the place, it is quite eerie. And I love his cuddles!


  1. Thanks for caring for Billy so he can find his forever home. Its always hard letting go, but then you'll have a chance to help prepare another furbaby for their new future life! :)

    1. Thanks I think he may be going to the Adoption centre soon!