Monday, 19 March 2012

Bye Bye Billy

I am Happy and Sad today, as I have taken Billy to the Derby Adoption Centre so he can be re-homed. I knew I would be upset, so I am not surprised.
I am lucky as I was allowed to take him myself and because they know me they allowed me to take him to his pen which was ready for him, he has got a lovely spot in the sunshine and some toys ready for him. Soon he will be put on the re-homing corridor. And the Cat care assistant Y was brill let me say goodbye to him, So Thank you Y. I will update you all when I know he has been re homed.

Here he is in his pen at the centre.

So now I am cleaning everything ready for the next foster cat, got to get busy and ready can't sit and mope!


  1. He is a lovely boy, I'm sure he will find a wonderful forever home in no time!!!

  2. Good Luck Billy!

    ....I'm sure the next foster kitty will be a heart stealer too! :)

  3. Oh I know Billy will find a good forever home. I could not do this I'm afraid! hugs to you! Linda

  4. Good work with Billy. We hope he finds a forever home where he'll be very loved.
    The reason I don't foster is because I don't think I could handle it when it's time to put them up for adoption.

  5. Bye sweet Billy! Hope you find your forever home soon!!

    I would be quite sad to say goodbye, not sure I'm foster material because it would hurt too much each time. Thanks for giving Billy a chance and taking great care of him.