Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Welcome Morris

Morris is a young Black Male Cat that I collected today from a emergency fosterer.
He has a limp so he is on medication for that.
He has been neutered and I have flea'd and wormed him today
He is a friendly little Chap, My daughter named him Morris.
He has made himself at home in the Cat cabin.
I look forward to getting to know him and look after him.

I got to meet another CP volunteer today,( emergency fosterer) as I don't tend to see many others that volunteer for Derby and District branch. Had a lovely chat with her, and I got to meet some of her lovely cats.
The only others I tend to see, are those staff at the Vets.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Bye Bye Billy

I am Happy and Sad today, as I have taken Billy to the Derby Adoption Centre so he can be re-homed. I knew I would be upset, so I am not surprised.
I am lucky as I was allowed to take him myself and because they know me they allowed me to take him to his pen which was ready for him, he has got a lovely spot in the sunshine and some toys ready for him. Soon he will be put on the re-homing corridor. And the Cat care assistant Y was brill let me say goodbye to him, So Thank you Y. I will update you all when I know he has been re homed.

Here he is in his pen at the centre.

So now I am cleaning everything ready for the next foster cat, got to get busy and ready can't sit and mope!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The tooth removal went fine, Billy is happy enough now seems it must of been giving him some discomfort. He is wanting his normal cuddles and scritches and he loves playing with his fishing rod.

Had to share this photo of Tango giving himself a clean, I had only nipped to make a drink and there he was in my chair!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

I have still been having troubles with getting Billy to poo in the litter tray, I have changed to grit and today, I am trying grass in the tray to see if that helps. I am reluctant to keep changing things as I am worried it will stress him too much.
Especially as I have changed items in the Cat cabin. I did put some six foot wooden shelves in last month as he likes to sit high up, but as he was sleeping there rather than in the sleeping area which is where the heaters are, I have cut them down to make them shorter and added another set of shelves so he can exit the sleeping area via the small window, also he can pop his head out quickly if he wants.

I had hoped that he would be going to the adoption centre for re homing soon, but he has developed a sore where the abscess was, so he is on fuciderm creme which is hopefully working.

Whilst at the vets, she noticed that one of his canines is looking bad so he is booked in for a removal tomorrow, so he is nil by mouth poor chap!

I have to admit I am getting quite attached to him so when he does go, I know I am going to be upset. I know I cannot keep him, it would not be fair as I already have three cats and to be honest my hubby would not be happy. The reason I am fostering is because I cannot have anymore. It is not financially viable for us to have anymore.

I have to share this, when Billy falls asleep he dreams with his eyes open, I can see his eyes flicker all over the place, it is quite eerie. And I love his cuddles!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I want some scritches!!

come on

  I love scritches

Okay I have had enough scritches

Other jobs

As well as being a Fosterer for Derby and District Branch of Cats P, I help fundraise for Derby Adoption Centre, It is where I got all three of my cats from there and also my sister works there, plus I know most of the staff and volunteers.
Currently with the help of one other Volunteer I am selling items on their Ebay account that are too nice to leave in the Barn.
The Link to it is HERE.

The Barn is what it says, It is a Barn that houses all the Bric a Brac and Books for sale also the small shop that is only open weekends 11am to 3pm. And because it is an open barn it is open to the elements so over time things do get dirty, The books are covered with plastic sheets. But birds and mice do get in as well. I know it sounds bad but it really is a great place Honestly, The resident cat Tabby sleeps in the barn in a heated covered bed.


I also attend fundraising events but I will share that another time.