Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Late February

Billy is coming along great, he is a lot more alert and wanting to know what is happening outside, he no longer hides and shakes when I enter the cabin. Now when he realises it's me he stretches and starts rubbing his head of the shelf in the cabin. And will jump down to greet me.
It feels great to know he trusts me more.

Still having problems with the soiling on the floor, especially since he has had a bout of diarrhea ( Gave him some Cat treats)

Tomorrow afternoon I will have my first Foster check, where the RDA from Cats Protection will come out and check everything is clean etc and that I am doing everything properly. I do hope she gives me the thumbs up!
I am not going to do a mad clean, I am going to do everything as I would normally, because if I am doing something wrong I would rather know about.

Not sure if I mentioned it before but looks like Tabs has an owner as he appeared with a collar and Barrel tag on, I cannot get close enough to see the info. At least he isn't out there fathering unwanted kittens.
I did wonder, did I feel bad by have someone elses cat neutered and I have to say Honestly No, He had no microchip so couldn't find the owner, he was coming in my house and spraying, and if I had a young female who got out by accident, well it would be me that had to sort out the resulting kittens so no I am feeling bad about it at all.

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  1. I agree about Tabs. If an unneutered cat wanders the area and comes to my place to eat, I would also have him / her altered because there are just too many cases of people NOT neutering their pets and then when she gives birth, they just dump the kittens in a box in the dumpster.