Friday, 17 February 2012

Just an quick update.

Tabs is still coming to be fed, he will come running when he sees me but I can't get too close or he'll run!

Billy is doing well seems a lot more happier and weaving in and out of my legs when I am cleaning the pen and feeding him. Unfortunately he will attack me when he has had enough fuss, Hmm he won't just move away, he attack with his mouth and claws. Not sure what to do about that.
Anyway gotta run see ya laters

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  1. We have a few like that at the cat shelter where I volunteer that will either swat you when they've had enough or decide to just "attack the hand that feeds them". One of our volunteers has been working on one of the kitties for a few months to get her to quit that behavior and it seems to be working. He uses greenies treats as a reward system when she allows pets with no nips or swats. It may not work for all kitties, but it works for that one :)