Monday, 6 February 2012

Guess who!

Is in here?

Yep it's the Tabby Youth, that has been terrorising my cats lol and nicking their food and spraying everywhere, winding Billy up with his scent!

It didn't take long to find him trapped, The lady brought the trap at 1:30pm and by 4:00pm he was in the trap.

So a trip to the vets to see if he is Micro chipped...

No he isn't, so he is having tests to check everything is okay and he will be neutered tomorrow, and then we will see what will happen from there.

Will have to see if the vet thinks he's feral or not, if he is then he will be released back in my garden. If he isn't then I suppose he will go to another Foster home or the adoption centre, I think.

My cats weren't happy when I brought him into the house (in the trap) whilst I sorted the arrangements with the Vets, which I must say they(the vets) are really helpful. As I thought I might have to have him overnight. But No they told me to bring him straight away and get him sorted.


  1. Congrats on cat-ching this beautiful tabby! Good luck to him at the Vet's! :)

  2. No matter the outcome, sounds like he is in good safe hands!! Nice catch....

  3. Yay for catching this guy. I know it will be better once he is neutered!

  4. He/she looks rather at ease in the trap, maybe he/she is not feral and just needs a good home! Thanks for taking care of him/her.

    1. I think if it were up to me I would keep him, but Hubby says no, which is why I foster!