Saturday, 4 February 2012


Been having a few problems with Billy soiling on the floor rather than the litter trays, I tried putting up to four litter trays in the cabin, but still he Poos on the floor, He is using the litter trays to wee though.

 I think I may have found out why, had a chat with the Branch Manager about a male un/neutered cat that has beencoming in my house and eating my cats food, also sleeping in the garden room, in the cats bed.
I had spotted him spraying up the door of the cat cabin, so maybe it is Billy's way of marking his territory by pooing alot, Who knows!
This cat has been coming to my garden for a while now, only he has been coming more and more and even entering the house and eating what is left of my cat's food, when I have left the door ajar. Also he has been spraying inside. I have tried to get near him with treats etc, but he does run from me when I get too near.
So my branch manager is going to organise for me to have a trap to catch him and get him checked out and see if he has a microchip, if he hasn't then he will be neutered and depending on the situation, if he is feral he will be realeased back into the garden.
Anyway I will try and get a photo of this cat if I get chance.

I was really pleased today, I was sat on the floor of the cabin with Billy on my lap and he went to eat and he came back to lie on my lap of his own accord instead of running back into the sleeping area. I was really pleased,  It was nice to know he actually wants to be petted.

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  1. I bet your on to something. cats can use their uncovered poop to signal that this space is his. The trapping sounds like a good idea. I wonder if Feliway diffuser inside the cabin and spray applied around the around side would diminish the marking with pee and poop.

  2. It does sound like Billy is marking his territory with his poop. Did you try putting the poop in the litter tray and leaving it there? Don't need to cover it, but you basically just want him to poop in the tray and not the floor.