Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Late February

Billy is coming along great, he is a lot more alert and wanting to know what is happening outside, he no longer hides and shakes when I enter the cabin. Now when he realises it's me he stretches and starts rubbing his head of the shelf in the cabin. And will jump down to greet me.
It feels great to know he trusts me more.

Still having problems with the soiling on the floor, especially since he has had a bout of diarrhea ( Gave him some Cat treats)

Tomorrow afternoon I will have my first Foster check, where the RDA from Cats Protection will come out and check everything is clean etc and that I am doing everything properly. I do hope she gives me the thumbs up!
I am not going to do a mad clean, I am going to do everything as I would normally, because if I am doing something wrong I would rather know about.

Not sure if I mentioned it before but looks like Tabs has an owner as he appeared with a collar and Barrel tag on, I cannot get close enough to see the info. At least he isn't out there fathering unwanted kittens.
I did wonder, did I feel bad by have someone elses cat neutered and I have to say Honestly No, He had no microchip so couldn't find the owner, he was coming in my house and spraying, and if I had a young female who got out by accident, well it would be me that had to sort out the resulting kittens so no I am feeling bad about it at all.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Polly and Molly!

Over on 365 cat ladies and friends Susan Faye asked her readers to come up with two names for her painted Puddy Cats.
My names Polly and Molly have been put in the vote. Oh I am excited to see how many votes they get!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Just an quick update.

Tabs is still coming to be fed, he will come running when he sees me but I can't get too close or he'll run!

Billy is doing well seems a lot more happier and weaving in and out of my legs when I am cleaning the pen and feeding him. Unfortunately he will attack me when he has had enough fuss, Hmm he won't just move away, he attack with his mouth and claws. Not sure what to do about that.
Anyway gotta run see ya laters

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Well Tabs has been back, he got shut in the garage the daft thing,
Luckily Lily was sat by the door to alert me!!

I did leave him some food but I think Bella may of ate it!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Not a happy chappy!!

Here he is, all neutered, he passed all the medical checks and he is at least semi-feral.

Or just a very aggressive grumpy man!

I kept him over night in a dog crate I borrowed from a friend and fed him so I know he was warm and not hungry when he left this morning.

I will keep a look out and feed him if he comes back.
At least he will not be able to father any more unwanted litters!
Bye Tabs

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wonderfulness Award!!

OMGosh I nearly missed this as I was behind on my Google reader.

I have received a Wonderfulness award from The Cat Guy, His blog was one of the first I started reading when looking at Cats blogs, I was intrigued by this male cat lover and his family. So Thank you so much for the award!!

And of course, with every award comes strings and this one is no different. The conditions of accepting this award requires me to link back to the blog of the person who awarded it to me and to pass it along to three other deserving bloggers
So here goes

Random Felines


I hope this is allowed it is a blog I have joined that celebrates my two loves!! Cats and Cross stitching you can see a quilt I helped to make, for a Raffle for the Cats Protection

Cats and Xstitch

Thank you once again The Cat Guy for giving me this award

Rachael xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Guess who!

Is in here?

Yep it's the Tabby Youth, that has been terrorising my cats lol and nicking their food and spraying everywhere, winding Billy up with his scent!

It didn't take long to find him trapped, The lady brought the trap at 1:30pm and by 4:00pm he was in the trap.

So a trip to the vets to see if he is Micro chipped...

No he isn't, so he is having tests to check everything is okay and he will be neutered tomorrow, and then we will see what will happen from there.

Will have to see if the vet thinks he's feral or not, if he is then he will be released back in my garden. If he isn't then I suppose he will go to another Foster home or the adoption centre, I think.

My cats weren't happy when I brought him into the house (in the trap) whilst I sorted the arrangements with the Vets, which I must say they(the vets) are really helpful. As I thought I might have to have him overnight. But No they told me to bring him straight away and get him sorted.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Been having a few problems with Billy soiling on the floor rather than the litter trays, I tried putting up to four litter trays in the cabin, but still he Poos on the floor, He is using the litter trays to wee though.

 I think I may have found out why, had a chat with the Branch Manager about a male un/neutered cat that has beencoming in my house and eating my cats food, also sleeping in the garden room, in the cats bed.
I had spotted him spraying up the door of the cat cabin, so maybe it is Billy's way of marking his territory by pooing alot, Who knows!
This cat has been coming to my garden for a while now, only he has been coming more and more and even entering the house and eating what is left of my cat's food, when I have left the door ajar. Also he has been spraying inside. I have tried to get near him with treats etc, but he does run from me when I get too near.
So my branch manager is going to organise for me to have a trap to catch him and get him checked out and see if he has a microchip, if he hasn't then he will be neutered and depending on the situation, if he is feral he will be realeased back into the garden.
Anyway I will try and get a photo of this cat if I get chance.

I was really pleased today, I was sat on the floor of the cabin with Billy on my lap and he went to eat and he came back to lie on my lap of his own accord instead of running back into the sleeping area. I was really pleased,  It was nice to know he actually wants to be petted.

Thank you for stopping by xx