Friday, 20 January 2012

Woo hoo!!

I had a phone call Friday night informing me that the cat was caught and currently at the Vets being Neutered and the usual checks done, and that I can fetch him Saturday Morning!

So now it is Saturday afternoon and I have been to fetch him, and he is in the Cat cabin, he is a little shy and scared at the moment, he was from a house with two other cats that were recused earlier in the week, so they went elsewhere, poor chap.

But I have given him some cuddles as he doesn't mind being picked up but he hides his head and shivers. It is lovely and warm in the sleeping area, he has water and food ( he feels a little skinny) I will leave him for now, and check on him later.

As soon as he is feeling a bit braver I will take a photo to show you.
He hasn't a name as such, so I am sure my children will think of one. Until his forever home people arrive and re name him of course.

I do feel a lot happier knowing he is warm and has food and water now.

I am afraid he is a little camera shy!!


  1. I'm sure it won't be long before he's waiting for his daily cuddles :)

  2. we bet he comes around in no time. love hearing about other foster families.... (and we just added you to our follow list)