Thursday, 26 January 2012


All is going okay, He is still scared of every little sound outside, doesn't help with my three cats jumping on the roof of the Cabin.

When I go in to him he glares at me!!
And he is very wary of what is going to happen to him, he flinchs when I go to stoke him, Poor chap!

He does respond when I spend time with him, he likes to curl up on my lap,but I have to put him there first, I am trying to get him used to being stroked again, and he was actually purring last night!!
Although when I put him down on the floor he panicks and runs for the cat flap, into the sleeping area. 

I like going in and sitting with him and just reading and he settles down on my lap.

He does have some medical needs that are being seen to, he is on tablets, hopefully that will clear up soon!
He will make a lovely lap Cat.
The only thing at the moment is because he has only just been neutered his urine is still quite strong and Hubby has remarked that I smell of Cat pee all the time. 

That is nothing a shower can't fix!!


  1. You are doing a good job with Billy!

  2. Yea for Billy!! He landed in a wonderful foster home.

  3. I am a new follower coming over from The Cat Guy! Wonderful that you can foster kitties. This one is a cutie!