Sunday, 29 January 2012


My eldest son wanted to spend some time with Billy, so he went in to sit with him for a while

Billy jumped off so Reece sat in there playing his DS

Foxy has been around today, all the cats have been stressing

                                            Had to share this photo, Lily looked so cute!!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


All is going okay, He is still scared of every little sound outside, doesn't help with my three cats jumping on the roof of the Cabin.

When I go in to him he glares at me!!
And he is very wary of what is going to happen to him, he flinchs when I go to stoke him, Poor chap!

He does respond when I spend time with him, he likes to curl up on my lap,but I have to put him there first, I am trying to get him used to being stroked again, and he was actually purring last night!!
Although when I put him down on the floor he panicks and runs for the cat flap, into the sleeping area. 

I like going in and sitting with him and just reading and he settles down on my lap.

He does have some medical needs that are being seen to, he is on tablets, hopefully that will clear up soon!
He will make a lovely lap Cat.
The only thing at the moment is because he has only just been neutered his urine is still quite strong and Hubby has remarked that I smell of Cat pee all the time. 

That is nothing a shower can't fix!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Woo hoo!!

I had a phone call Friday night informing me that the cat was caught and currently at the Vets being Neutered and the usual checks done, and that I can fetch him Saturday Morning!

So now it is Saturday afternoon and I have been to fetch him, and he is in the Cat cabin, he is a little shy and scared at the moment, he was from a house with two other cats that were recused earlier in the week, so they went elsewhere, poor chap.

But I have given him some cuddles as he doesn't mind being picked up but he hides his head and shivers. It is lovely and warm in the sleeping area, he has water and food ( he feels a little skinny) I will leave him for now, and check on him later.

As soon as he is feeling a bit braver I will take a photo to show you.
He hasn't a name as such, so I am sure my children will think of one. Until his forever home people arrive and re name him of course.

I do feel a lot happier knowing he is warm and has food and water now.

I am afraid he is a little camera shy!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I thought I would update you on the Cat guest situation, I have been told the Cat that I am having is proving hard to trap, it is a very clever kitty cat.
They are going to try again Thursday. It just worries me with the tempertures being so low here at night!
I hope the stray puddy is caught soon. It has a lovely warm bed and lots of food ready when it is!

Thank for stopping by!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Milo and skye

Sorry no guests, these are my sister's Cats!

This is Milo
 He is a spritely 11 yrs old approx

This is Skye who was gotcha'd on 2nd Jan 2012

And these are Tyler and Pike, Tyler is my sister's friend's cat and Pike on the right is my sister's cat who sadly went over the rainbow bridge in 2011.
Pike 2010

Pike and Tyler with Saxon who also belongs to my sister's friend.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Weds ~ Just heard the stuff will be coming tomorrow, I am getting a little excited now, Also we should have a guest next week!

Thurs ~ Branch Manager has delivered Beds & bedding, Food and litter trays, toys, cleaning stuff etc.
So we are just about ready!!

Woo Hoo
Hopefully next time I post it will be of the first guest in the Cat Cabin!!