Wednesday, 28 December 2011

While we wait ...

I will introduce you to my own Puddy cats.

Top left is Tango(Ginger Tabby) we adopted him November 2009 from the Derby Adoption Centre, also top right is Bella( Black) who we adopted at the same time, they were not together but there estimated ages were 5/6months old at the time. We have had them 2 year, 2 months now.

Bottom of the photo is Lily, we adopted her November 2010 from the Derby Adoption centre. She was found at six weeks old at a JCB site and handed in, she was so tiny and a little feisty madam, she still is, but not so tiny.

This is a rare occasion when they are in the same room, never mind so close on the same bed!!
I am sure that I will share with you some more photo's and titbits about my little furbabies as I continue this blog!

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  1. We're sure there'll be more of such scenes (all three on the same bed at the same time) in 2012 and the many years to come. :)