Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sad Face!!

When posting I always try and remain positive, but I suppose this wouldn't be an honest blog about being(or trying to be) a Cat Fosterer if you didn't hear about the upsets as well.
So far the pen is up, the lighting and heating is in, but no cats yet!
Well, because the company that supplied and put up the pen are totally useless, firstly they are ignoring the RDA's emails about repairing the damage they did to the garage, and Secondly I have no idea what it is, except the so called 'sealant' is still wet and tacky and comes up easily. So I have to remove all traces of it and my hubby is going to put proper sealant down, and put the flooring down!!
So looks like I will not be getting a Cat to look after this year !!

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