Thursday, 29 December 2011

Corrections to the pen

Here is the so called sealant that was used in the cat pen, after a month it is still tacky and wet.
The brown stuff is the wood dust from when the electrician drilled

I also left the heater on all weekend when that was installed to try and dry it out! But no such luck. So Hubby has removed it all and replaced it with proper sealant which is drying as it should, tomorrow he is laying the flooring, after we figure where the leak is coming from.
Yes we have a leak from the floor/bottom sneeze barrier!
I tell you what this company who made this pen should be on Rogue Traders!!

Here we have Tango inspecting the workmanship that hubby is doing. 

 Just a few last few checks on the electrics
 Passing on his thoughts on to Lily

 Who then decides she has to finally enter and inspect it herself!
I have had a phone call from the Branch manager to tell me the supplies will be delivered next week. Which is good news.

Also some good news my sister who works at the Adoption centre is adopting another cat this weekend a small black female, who will be a companion for Milo, her persian cat. Her first Cat Pykelet was poorly and the vet felt it was kinder to not wake him after they examined him to find he had fluid on his lungs, He was 12 years old(approx). I will look for photos to share with you soon!

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