Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Dennis arrives

Yesterday I had a phone call from Viv, telling me that the pen will be arriving at 7:30am.
So I woke at 6:00am to make sure everything was clear for the workmen to have access to the garden. Well I am an impatient person, so when they finally arrived at 10pm, I wasn't pleased.
But 'Dennis' had arrived.

I am a self sufficient female, if I can do something myself I will, I don't always need a man to do things I can do myself.And I hate it when men think they know better! Like when I had a shed off a friend, myself and my sister got it through the garage and garden room and down the steps.

Well this man was adamant that the cat pen would not fit through, I told him it would, but no he swore that it wouldn't fit......

Guess what.....

It fit with room to spare, even though they have broken some concrete we have to stop water flooding the garage, and they were banging it around into my back door (no need)
It is up and nearly ready!!



Storage area

 Dirty floor

 Sleeping area

1 comment:

  1. I just got through your posts, it was a little fun to watch the pen disassemble :)

    What an interesting pen, I really like it!! Totally wouldn't work up here as I'm covered in snow, but what a great idea. I bet you are going to do wonders in it over the years.